couple relationshipMen and women are completely different from each other. The way of thinking, behaving, talking and even handling different problems are completely different. There are many things in the relationship that irritates man or woman. Undoubtedly, the top in this list is sex.

We all know men want sex anytime and almost every time. Even there are many statistics that proved it as well. According to previous statistics a forty years men think about sex at almost every four minutes and 18-years boy think about sex at every eleventh seconds. Additionally in the research by Kinsey Institute at Indiana University there are 53% men who think about sex every day, 43% men think about sex once in a week and 4% men think about sex once in a month. Alternatively, women think about sex very rarely (only when there is no other thing in her agenda).

It seems in many relationships that sex is often the reason behind divorce and breakups. When it comes to complaining about sex then men often complaint that there is not enough and women complaint there is too much. Now the question is, “Does lack of sex leads to bad relationship?” Or “Bad relationship leads to lack of sex” Well answer is both

There are few mysteries about men that most women don’t know. Once you able to know about these mysteries it will become very easy for you to make your relationship stronger and long lasting.

Here are these mysteries:

#1 – Why Men Wake Up In The Morning With The Erection:

Any woman who is in loving relationship knows that she doesn’t need any alarm clock to wake up in the morning – just because as sun rise, as does his penis and she feels it poking her back.

This is caused by two things. The first one is the erectile nerves that instruct penis for erection is wrapped around the prostate gland which is just below the bladder. A full bladder press can make penis rise. Another reason is testosterone level. The level of testosterone is at its peak in sunrise and lowest at sunset.

#2 – Why Most Men Love Curvy Women

Hourglass Figure

The ‘hourglass’ figure is the main focus for women since many decades. This is because the ‘hourglass’ figure is based on a constant ratio that turn-on every man doesn’t matter the amount of fat in the body.

During Puberty, increase in estrogen hormone increases fat deposit in breasts, hips and upper thighs of girls that has to be use as a source of food for breastfeeding. But the amount of fat deposit into buttock and thighs determine how much attractive girl will look. There was series of 12 tests conducted by Psychology professor Devendra Singh in which he discovered that waist-to-hip ratio of 0.67 to 0.8 is the ideal indicator for woman’s productive nature and this ratio turns on almost every man. This ratio means the woman’s waist measurement should be 70% of the hip measurement. In these tests Singh discover that 0.7 hip-to-waist ratio is the most attractive regardless of the amount of fat woman body has.

Singh analyzed 30 years of playboy front cover models and found even the models become thinner over the years but still the 70% waist-to-hip ratio was constant. Even after analyzing women painting of old masters and still we found 70% waist-to-hips ratio was there.

In the survey by British Safeway of 500 males, there were over 84% men who find curvaceous women more attractive than thinner women. Even in the female survey, 92% women agreed that it is curvaceous women who attract men than thinner women.

#3 – Why Men Want Women To Initiate Sex:

Couple holding handsMen see high risk in approaching women for sex. This is because some men carry fragile egos and they feel rejection as their failure. This is the reason most men want women to make first move for sex. In animal kingdom, it is easy for male animal to initiate sex by displaying his sexual organ to female partner but for men, they have to suffer from various expressions that stop them from making an approach. They want women to make first move because this way they don’t have to suffer from the feelings of failure and this makes them feel important.

It is easy for man to make his girl make first move for sex by becoming more attentive and loving to her which will make her incline towards sex. On other hand, most women want their men to pick hints she is throwing his way but sadly these hints make men confuse.

#4 – When Men is Ready For Commitment or Marriage:

In simple words, in this 21st century a man starts looking for long-term marriage when his testosterone level starts declining. This happens at the age of 27 to most men. Few years back men want to get married early in their age because they see sex benefit in it. But now when sex is so easy available anywhere and everywhere, they want to spread their seeds far and wide before committing to one woman.

After the age of 27 usually men starts thinking about long term relationship because his testosterone level is on decline. He starts spending more time with his girl and start going on date with her often. Then come lust and love stages in the relationship when male hormone in on high and he starts showing his love toward girl by sending bunch of flower to her workplace to announce his relationship. He starts booking table at expensive restaurant and start changing as her girl wants.

After having sex with the girl all of sudden everything starts changing. He tries to get out of bed to do anything and everything – watching sports, repairing his car and if he has nothing to do then he just go to sleep – except getting emotional with his wife. Women start noticing these changes after 5 sex sessions. Man starts losing interest in her from the sixth session and it doesn’t matter how much acrobatic she is.


In the end I would like to say men and women both have different needs in the relationship. Although men want sex anytime and every time but still it doesn’t mean they have to sentenced for turbulent lives additionally it also doesn’t mean women have to live their life criticizing men. We are human and we are different from animals and surely we are capable enough to change our behavior by changing our conscious choices.

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