In the previous post we have talk about mysteries about men and now in this post we will talk about how communication work for men. So let me start this post will an example,

“Can you get to the main point?” Said Smith, in slightly annoying tone

“Main point? The point is you are not patient enough to listen me”, Said Patricia

“If you directly come to the point our conversation would be meaningful”, replied by Smith

“You know what? I don’t want to talk with you anymore” yelled by Patricia and left the room by slamming the door really hard.

Is this situation seems common to you? How often you find yourself in the situation where you see your man don’t listening to you. How many times your man wants you to get into the point directly?

How Communication Work For MenThe problem is not in you or your man or your relationship instead the problem lies within the expectations that you have from your man. You want your man to sit with you and listen to you. However men are goal oriented and they want to talk about main things only. The problem is you want your man to listen you like your female friends usually do.

Men are goal oriented or main things. They usually talk in short sentences and talk only about main things but women on other hand are about procedure and details.

Ask the same question from man and woman and you will get different answer. Difference is not in the content but it is in the length. This is why when you sit with your female friends you all can talk for hours with no main topic in mind but when your man sits with his friend they prefer to talk only about main topic.

If you want to live successful and happy life with your man then you have to understand how communication works for men that help you in find what he wants from you. But before telling you how communication work for men let me give you just three reasons for why it is important for success with your men.

Reasons To Understand How Communication Works For Men

Reason #1 – You are able to explain your point with 100% accuracy:

This is very simple. By understanding how communication works for men you are able to explain him your point with 100% accuracy. Once you know how to control your communication with him you will find him more attentive to conversation with you and he will listen to you without cutting your words and bringing his solutions.

Reason #2 – Your Man Will Understand What Language You Are Speaking:

This sounds very obvious. When you don’t know how to make your man understand about your feelings then it will turn out to goes into one ear and comes out from other ear.

If you want your man to sit with you and listen to you without giving his suggestions and solutions then you have to learn how communication works in male world.

Reason #3 – If you don’t make things easy for him, then he makes it difficult for you:

In simple words if you don’t know understand his world and don’t know how to explain him correctly then you are making things difficult for him and in return he will subconsciously make things more difficult for you.

For example,

If you start talking about things that he doesn’t like listening about then it is possible he may get frustrated and you think he is hard with you. But the truth is you are hitting standard blocks that already present in his mind because you don’t know how communication works in male world.

Once you know how communication work for males then it will become simple smooth and your communication with your man will become much easy.

Okay now you get all reasons to learn how communication works for man and now let me show you how to get best possible result whenever you have conversation with your man.

I have developed three techniques that you can use while in conversation with him to bring best results. Here are these three techniques

  1. Explain him what you expect
  2. Explain him the purpose of conversation
  3. Explain him all specifics

Although these three techniques look very simple but let me explain more about them to help you understand them in better way.

Technique #1 – Explain Him What You Expect:

As you already know men are goal oriented. They want to know the bottom line or the main point of the conversation. They want to know the main topic even before starting the conversation. This is why you have to explain the main point before you start conversation with him.

If you want him to sit with you, listen about your long day and you don’t want him to interrupt you then you can start your conversation by explaining ‘what you expect from him’. For example,

“Smith!! I’ve have long day in my office and I would like to talk about it. However, I don’t need your help. I just want you to listen to me because it makes me feel comfort when you are listening”

Now once you start your conversation with above sentence he will not cut your words and allow you to explain every detail.

Technique #2 – Explain Him The Purpose of Conversation:

As you already know men wants to talk in short sentences. They want only to talk about the main point of the conversation. So if you want to talk for hours with him then you want to describe your point with ‘why’ you want him to keep listening you.

This is very old psychological technique but people don’t use it because no school or university teaches about it.

For example,

If you are standing in long line to purchase the tickets for new movie but suddenly someone cuts the line and tries to come in front of you. What would be your initial action?

You will yelled or show your anger to him…Right?

But what will happen when the same person tells you he has left his wife and children in the car and were in hurry? You probably cool down and allow him your spot.

Why? Because he gives valid reason and you agree to him

Similarly while talking with your man you can also keep your conversation going as long as you keep giving him ‘strong reason’ for it.

Technique #3 – Explain Him All Specifics:

Men talk only about main point and they never add any details unless someone ask them to do so.

For example, If you ask him something like, “Smith!! How was your day in office?”

Then he may reply you with, “Oh! It was good/bad”

But if you want him to give you more details then you may have to ask something like, “Smith!! How was your day in office? I remembered you have some issues with your boss, are they resolved now?”

Now he will open up and give you more detail answer. Additionally, the quality of conversation will be far better.

So keep in mind get as much specific as possible with your man if you want him to open up and talk with you for long hours.